Self-optimisation: When the dream of the perfect life bursts

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We cannot control everything

Self-optimisation is a real megatrend. Not only younger people are affected by this, who spur themselves on to more sporting activity through fitness wristbands and apps. Older people are also trying to improve themselves. They measure their blood sugar levels and blood pressure, record sleep and nutrition, their eyes firmly fixed on the goal of self-improvement. Self-optimisers strive for control over health, appearance and behaviour; they are bent on personal growth that will make them satisfied, proud and happy. In fact, life today offers us unimagined opportunities. We have every conceivable option to realise ourselves privately and professionally. It is true that one’s origin still largely determines one’s professional career. But theoretically, we can choose whether we want to become a doctor or a worker. We determine the course of our lives, decide for ourselves the direction of our life. So we have finally gained control over our personal lives. Really? Can we control everything and everyone? Hardly. You can control yourself to a certain extent. But the outside world is constantly changing and thus beyond our control. If we want to keep up, we have to keep adapting, developing, growing. After all, we want to be satisfied and proud of ourselves in the future. Because only then do we believe we are finally happy.

Perfection is unachievable

Without self-optimisation, we would probably still be stuck in caves. The desire to improve oneself and thus one’s living conditions was and is the drive for development and progress. However, it is crucial to find the right balance. Whereas in the past the development of man and the environment went hand in hand, today progress in all areas of knowledge is overflowing. Man can no longer keep pace. All attempts to keep up to date at all times and in all places are bound to fail because of sheer mass. And so most people find themselves in a hamster wheel from which there seems to be no exit. Becoming even better, even faster, even smarter creates colossal pressure under which many contemporaries collapse. Perfection cannot exist, no matter how hard we try. Of course it’s all right to develop. There is nothing wrong with sporting activity, healthy eating and intellectual development. But one should always be aware of what one is doing it for and when the limits of what is possible have been reached.

Body and spirit are one

The striving for personal development and progress, the desire for beauty, health, contentment and happiness is as old as humanity itself. Even the philosophers of antiquity described the desire to be happy. The Greek polymath Aristotle (384 to 322 BC) anchored happiness in one’s own virtues. Only those who do exactly what they do best are happy, was his insight. Epicurus (341 to 270 BC), philosopher and founder of the Epicurean school, saw happiness in moderating one’s own demands. Beauty, aesthetics and health also played an important role in antiquity. Countless ancient statues bear witness to beautiful, healthy bodies, which, however, were always associated with a healthy mind. Ancient Greek society knew about the connection between body and mind. If the body is well, the mind feels well and vice versa. The foundation for joy of life, self-confidence and health, however, is vital energy and functioning self-healing powers. If there is a lack of vital energy, we are depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed and prone to illness. A lack of vital energy also affects our self-healing powers.

Proven in scientific studies

So already more than 2,000 years ago, people knew about the power of life energy and self-healing forces. The dedicated experts of the ÁYIO-Q Centre for Vitality want to make this ancient knowledge accessible to a broad public. They have developed different programmes that combine the extensive secret knowledge with the latest findings from quantum physics and neuroscience. The aim of the holistic approach is to enable modern people to emerge as strong personalities in every situation in life. Through the knowledge of ancient Greek health teachings, which has been scientifically proven in numerous studies, participants in the ÁYIO-Q programmes gain a higher understanding of the interplay between body and mind and the ability that exists in every human being to heal and restore physical and mental health.

Interested people can find out about their personal life energy and self-healing powers by taking a free test. It shows which measures activate the self-healing powers so that they can resume their work.

Interested people can find out about their personal life energy and self-healing powers by taking a free test. It shows which measures activate the self-healing powers so that they can resume their work. 

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