Interesting facts about ÁYIO-Q

Water content

Earth / Human approx. 70 %

Recommended drinking quantity

1.2 - 1.5 liters

Recommended drinking water

Spring water


It is generally known that the earth and our bodies consist of around 70% water. However, most people are not aware of how important this element is for our vitality, health and well-being. Almost everyone knows that we need to drink between 1.2 and 1.5 liters of water a day.

But not all water is the same!

This knowledge is as old as mankind itself. Countless stories tell of healing springs that were and still are visited by ordinary people and rulers far and wide to treat illnesses.

What do you see in the following three pictures?

Your answer was probably: “Three glasses of water”.

That is roughly correct.

You can see three glasses of water.

What is pure water?

If we collect the wastewater from households and filter it sufficiently, as the sewage and water treatment plants do, you can see almost pure water under the microscope. Most people today believe that if there are no more residues, then it is not harmful to health. Is that true?

If a frequency or information analysis is carried out on this filtered water, all the pollutants that have been filtered out can be detected. This means that the microscopic examination is a rough analysis because the information of the pollutants is still in the water and is passed on to the body when it is ingested. In most large cities, such treated water is supplied to households.

Animals are more sensitive

If you put tap water and spring water in front of a cat or a dog, both will almost always choose the spring water. Their sensory system is better developed in this respect than that of humans. They can distinguish between good and bad water. That’s why we humans have measuring devices that help us to distinguish between pure and impure water. The truth is, almost no one is aware of the fact that water is contaminated. Did you know it until now?

It is important for body and mind to drink water with a mineral content that is free of harmful substances. Our recommendation is therefore to use pure spring water, which is available from local retailers. This is the first step, followed by refining the liquid, which will be explained in a moment.

Why is the molecular arrangement of water so important?

What matters is the stability of the water. In other words, the arrangement of the molecules!

If you imagine throwing a small stone at both structures from above, which one would be more likely to catch the stone? Most people assume that the one on the right, with its net-like structure, would be able to do this, and they are right.

From a molecular point of view, the one on the left is an unstable water with predominantly individual molecules. In the one on the right, the molecules are mainly interwoven to form a network. In 3D, it looks like a very fine filter or sponge. When people drink this water, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Water sources generally have good quality water, which is why only such water should be used for drinking purposes. How stable water can be produced is explained in the ÁYIO-Q programs.

TIP: Buy the water bottled in glass bottles. If you use plastic bottles, the respective ÁYIO-Q program will explain how cleaning and stabilization can still be achieved.

Informed water and quantum effects

You will receive a lot more information on this topic over time.

But here are the most important things first.


Water is an information carrier


Water can be specifically informed with positive information


Today's economy is already using these findings and the knowledge


In medicine, on the other hand, quantum physics/technology has not yet been able to establish itself properly and is also almost completely ignored.


Some scientists, doctors and alternative practitioners have already made the leap into quantum technology/medicine.


One thing is certain! The trend towards quantum physics/technology will also be unstoppable in medicine.


Many people have already had positive experiences, which they talk about and report to their fellow human beings.


That is what counts! The positive experiences of users, doctors and alternative practitioners!

In the section “What is pure water”, it was explained that the information from pollutants that have already been filtered out is still present in the water. Water is therefore an information carrier. Now the magical journey begins for a conventionally thinking person. However, this has nothing to do with magic at all, but with quantum effects and technology. Water can be specifically informed. It can be enriched with positive information that can help to increase mental and physical vitality and well-being.

The science of quantum physics has done outstanding work over the last 115 years. Today’s economy is already eagerly utilizing the findings and knowledge. We take satellite technology, storage technology and many other applications for granted. Very few people know that quantum effects/physics are involved. In classical medicine, on the other hand, quantum physics has not yet been able to establish itself properly and is almost completely ignored.

More and more scientists, doctors and alternative practitioners have already made the leap into quantum medicine. They are the pioneers who are on the way to revolutionizing conventional medicine. One thing is certain! The quantum healing trend will be unstoppable in conventional medicine too. Too many people have already had positive experiences that they talk about with their fellow human beings.

How does ÁYIO-Q work?

The basis is the ÁYIO-Q module with its two round covers made of precious metal. This is a stainless steel plate on which 8 letter symbols are arranged. A glass bottle containing a recommended spring water from your local area is placed on top for approx. 10 to 30 minutes. The water is drunk in certain quantities and at certain intervals after it has been positively informed from a distance by means of quantum entanglement. This is done via the ÁYIO-Q module. Breathing exercises based on ancient knowledge and new findings are also recommended. The whole thing is rounded off with nutrition tips, a water purification program and physical exercises. The complete package is ÁYIO-Q. The aim here is to cleanse and strengthen the body and mind on a natural basis and to activate its self-healing powers.

The ÁYIO-Q module

How does water information work?

The question is often asked as to how the remote information of water works. As explained above, this takes place via the quantum entanglement process. How does entanglement work? Today, we all take it for granted that when we call a number of a good friend overseas from Europe, we can communicate in sound and vision. This takes place over a certain frequency. A similar principle takes place at a higher level in quantum communication. The ÁYIO-Q module supplied is connected to an information source from which the water is informed. The great thing is that no electricity is required for this. This may sound strange or fabulous to you, but it is true.

The positive information that is sent to the ÁYIO-Q modules comes from sound & frequency, natural remedies, vitamins, minerals and much more, about which you will be informed in detail in the course of the respective program. What information the ÁYIO-Q module receives depends on the program in question.

If you are standing in front of a vending machine, you insert a coin and select the product that is ejected at the bottom. Do you know exactly how the machine works inside? If you are not a technician, you have a rough idea of how it works. You use products that make your life easier every day without knowing the exact details. Starting with electricity from the socket, refrigerators, televisions, cars, computers, trains, airplanes and much more. You use these products not because you want to know how they work, but because they bring you a benefit. Look at ÁYIO-Q in a similar way at the beginning. You will soon notice the enormous benefits in the form of an improvement in your mental and physical vitality and well-being. The explanations within the respective ÁYIO-Q program will help you to increasingly learn and understand the background. The further specialist courses on offer also contribute to this. In addition, the basic version of ÁYIO-Q can be tested extensively for 14 days free of charge.

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