Ancient Greeks

Life energy & self-healing powers


The most effective medicine is the natural healing power that lies within each of us.


If the state of the soul changes, this also changes the appearance of the body and vice versa: If the appearance of the body changes, this also changes the state of the soul.

Galen v. Pergamon

There is indeed a science of the human body. However, it has two outstanding and special sub-fields: One is health care, the other is medicine....

Hippocrates of Kos

(around 460 to about 370 BCE)

The knowledge about the life energy and self-healing powers available to every human being has been known for many millennia. They form the basis for health. As early as Hippocrates' time, the opinion was held that people are responsible for their own state of health. Health was seen as a state of balance, harmony and inner stability that could be influenced by a certain lifestyle.

Diet was defined by the ancient Greeks as more than just watching what you eat.

Besides food and drink, it included all aspects of physical lifestyle, such as:

  • Work
  • Recreation
  • Sport
  • Massage
  • Bathing
  • Body care
  • Use of the voice
  • Sleeping and waking
  • Sexuality

The mental state was rated equally highly


Greek dietetics was also considered an important field in which the layperson was deemed capable of contributing to the maintenance of health “without the intervention of the physician“, even through considerable personal effort. Rules of life pursued the goal of increasing mental and physical vitality and quality of life.

Aristotle (384 - 322 BCE)

He assigned physical health a significant role in moral and intelligent action. His lineage held that mental and physical health are closely linked. 

Statue of Aristotle in Olympiada Village, Chalkidiki, Greece

Unhealthy mental states, such as stress, dejection, depressiveness have a negative effect on the body. Therefore, it was clear to the ancient Greeks that man must strive for a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, if the body is neglected, there is a danger of creating a permanent state of instability.

Galen of Pergamon

(around 129 to about 216 CE)

Galen of Pergamon, like Aristotle six centuries earlier, held that the human body represents a system brilliantly constructed by nature, in which all components serve a purpose. They are tuned for health and the healthy interplay of physical and mental functions.

Galen's main principles were:


Human nature itself has a healing capacity, so even in the case of illness it has the power and the ability to itself contribute to the healing and restoration of the body's health. Medicine means nothing other than that the doctor works together with nature.


Health is the norm, illness only the deviation.


Diseases are not attributable to nature, but find their cause in human factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle of the respective person.


People bear a high degree of responsibility for their health.

Life energy & self-healing powers

Our education today has produced people who are mostly unaware of all these important principles. Instead of thinking about what one can do oneself to enjoy health, one goes to the doctor, which usually ends with the prescription of artificially produced pharmaceutical medicine. Personal responsibility is conveniently abdicated.

In today’s modern health system, the concepts of life energy and self-healing powers hardly play a role. Millennium-old health knowledge that shaped a healthy society should still be the focus today, because it starts where health is based. Listening to time-tested knowledge is certainly the right thing to do. It produced mentally and physically healthy people in ancient times who also enjoyed a long, balanced and healthy life. This is also worth striving for today.

Lack of life energy & self-healing powers?

Diseases result from a low life energy, which creates a restriction of the self-healing powers. If one wants to be healthy, one should therefore focus on the life energy first and foremost. 

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