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The AYIO-Q module made of stainless steel is the basis of the programme. It is linked to an information source. A glass bottle or drinking glass filled with water is placed on top for approx. 30 minutes for energisation by means of quantum entanglement. Electricity is not required! Then, depending on the symptom, the water is drunk at certain intervals or applied to the skin. This is combined with breathing exercises and the use of Word Therapy©. In addition, users receive nutrition tips depending on the symptom.

The AYIO-Q module is supplied with two stainless steel discs. The discs are used to cover certain symbols on the module. This makes a large variety of combinations available. Which symbols are to be covered are communicated in the respective programmes, which can be booked separately.

Furthermore, with activation of the module you receive the basic programme 14 days free for testing!

Important notice:

The ÁYIO-Q module can only be ordered on the ÁYIO-Q website. There are no agreements with third-party providers.

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